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We are absolutely stoked to welcome a variety of intermediate and advanced riders to GVs. Heaps of work goes into building and maintaining the trails and features so that you can have the best riding experience possible.

We wouldn’t come into your backyard and kick up your garden, so we hope you’ll return the favour. That said, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Save your hardtail for your city commute

GVs is a gravity park with technical trails. Just because you can ride them with a hardtail, doesn’t mean you should. Now’s the time to upgrade to that sleek new dual suspension you’ve been eyeing! You need 2 disc brakes, flat pedals, and at least a front suspension for the green and blue trails. If you’re planning to tackle any black trails, you’ll need a party at the front and back with a dual suspension. More questions about equipment? See our FAQs.

  • Don’t ride on soft trails

There’s nothing worse than building a beauty of a section and leaving it to set and then having an oblivious rider blow through and destroy it. When you don’t pay attention to signs and instructions and go off-trail, it means other riders have to wait longer to access new trails.

  • Know your limits

We love seeing riders eager to progress their skills, but don’t be a hero. Even our green trail is not for green riders-this park is not for amateurs. We suggest building a solid foundation on cross-country trails elsewhere first. Then, come and try a few of our clinics to sharpen your skills to get the most out of your gravity shred sessions both at GVs and everywhere else you ride


We like to think we’re a fun, hard-working bunch of MTB enthusiasts who function as a well-oiled machine (just like your bike should). That said, we do need to enforce some rules to make sure that everyone is safe.

  • Use protection

This is a dangerous sport, and we don’t play around when it comes to rider safety. Check the requirements for your clinic or event and prepare accordingly with a full face helmet and MTB shoes where necessary.

  • Dress appropriately

This should go without saying, but please dress in clothing that is safe and functional for gravity riding. Leave your thongs at home (at least the kind you put on your feet)- only proper closed shoes at this park, please.

  • Though we’re an MTB playground, we are NOT a daycare

We love to see young riders getting into the sport, and what we love even more is parents staying around to cheer them on. Mum and dad, choose another time to run your errands because children under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian on site in case of injury.

  • Follow instructions from the staff

Our staff and coaches are here to help you, so please pay attention when they’re asking for it. Whether it’s your shuttle driver asking you to line up or your coach directing you toward the right trail, kindly be a good sport and do as your told- the only lip we tolerate at GVs are the ones on the edge of our jumps.


Our members are what make this such a great community to be part of. While we appreciate the occasional sketchy terrain, we’re not into sketchy people. When you’re at GVs, be kind to yourself and to one another to make it a great day out for everyone.

  • Pay attention to other riders on the trails

Enjoy the view on the way up, not the way down! Riders are going downhill at extremely fast speeds, so you need to always have your wits about you- yes, that means you need to resist stopping mid-trail for that Instagram selfie.

  • Don’t bring drugs or alcohol

We’re all for having a good time, but a gravity park with the difficulty level of GVs is not the place for a party.


It’s been a hard year for everyone. As we slowly get back to normal, let’s be mindful of safety precautions.

  • If you’ve got the sniffles, stay home (we don’t want to see your boogers)

  • Keep your hands to yourself (a pretty good rule even in non-pandemic times)

  • Bring a mask along to wear while in the shared shuttles

  • Avoid sharing water bottles or bladder packs (….duh

We reserve the right to refuse access or participation if we feel you or your squids are presenting as unsafe. We don’t give refunds or credits if you breach requirements.

So let’s all play by the rules, shall we?

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