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Learn how to tackle gnarly trails by being one with your bike and the terrain

Go hard or go home. This clinic will give you the skills to shred so hard that you’ll have the ninja turtles after you. Our coaches will help you master the techniques you need for the faster and more technical terrain that GreenValleys bike park has to offer. You know what they say about what won’t kill you….


The clinic runs from 10am – 2pm and includes all day shuttles from 9am-4pm. 

Strengthen your technical skill set as our instructors take you through:

  • Clank, Jank, and Dank (drops, rocks, and roots ain’t no thang)

  • Turbo Jank (ace those technical descents)

  • A, B, or C (we’re not taking you back to kindy- we mean line choice)

  • Tilts and turns (clear those off-camber corners)

  • Bodily language (position and pressure controls- keep bodily fluids to yourself, please)

This is for you if: You’ve done clinics in the past and can ride all the blacks at your local spot, but you’re looking for a higher purpose. There’s something missing you can’t quite put your finger on (hint: it’s not your brakes). If you’re ready to experience biking nirvana, then this clinic is what you’re searching for!

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