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Is this park for all ages?

While we agree that age ain’t nothin’ but a number, we are not a beginner or kid’s park. Even our green trails are challenging compared to other parks. Our clinic ages are generally 12 years plus. All riders under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (not on the ride, just need a guardian to be present on site at all times) & have the required safety gear.

Is there any safety gear required to ride?

Duh- we are a gravity park with challenging trails, so you need to protect that gorgeous body of yours. This should go without saying, but please wear proper MTB shoes or other shoes with a good grip for riding. Trust us-our trails are a lot more fun when you stay on your bike.

Full face helmets are required for everyone participating in a jump clinic. All under-16 riders must wear a full face helmet and knee pads (elbow pads, body armour, and a neck brace are encouraged).


A day not to be missed, mate! When you book in on a social Gravity Day, you get to pop your bike into a trailer, and we shuttle you to the top of the hill so that you have more time to explore all the great features in this ultimate MTB playground.

This service is way more popular than you are, so spaces are very limited- book early! Looking for a more personalised service for a group of mates? Contact us to book a small group private shuttle.

How do I book to ride?

As soon as possible, obviously! It’s not unusual for us to sell out months in advance, so have a look at our Booking Page to choose your date and follow the instructions to lock in your day of epic fun.

We’re usually open every other weekend, and we cap the number of riders in the park at 70 for a better overall experience for everyone. You must book for a Gravity Day online- don’t be that guy who turns up expecting to pay on the day. We’d hate to turn you away, but we’d likely be full up with bookings.

Why can’t I find a date on the booking calendar?

(Not to be confused with “why can’t I find a date for Friday night?”- we can’t help you with that one, mate)

If a date you’re looking for isn’t available, we’re either closed or sold out for that day (what can we say- people really like the park). Make sure to keep checking back though, as there are sometimes last-minute cancellations.

If you’re keen on a particular date, you can contact us to ask about a private session 

What should I bring with me to ride at Greenvalleys?

Along with a positive attitude, your passion for the ride, and obviously, your bike, don’t forget to bring:

  • All the food and water you’ll need to fuel yourself through a day of epic fun. We don’t have any power or running water in the park, so come prepared

  • A copy of your GV club membership with AusCycling

  • Spare parts (the nearest bike shop is in Albion Park)

  • If you’re under the age of 16, it’s mandatory to bring a grownup with you to be on site at all times while you’re riding

Can I hire a bike at Greenvalleys?

We don’t currently have any equipment for hire. You need a bike and safety equipment in good working order, so please make sure you’ve invested in those before visiting us at GVs.

What if I break a part on my bike while at Greenvalleys?

We don’t keep any spare parts at GVs, so if you’re worried about busting a particular part of your bike, bring any spares you may need with you. The closest bike shop Trek in Shellharbour or Wilson's Bike Hub in Warrawong.

Can I self-shuttle at Greenvalleys?

Most definitely not! You may very well be a good driver, but for safety reasons we don’t allow you to use your own vehicle for shuttle runs. No sweat-we provide shuttles if you book ahead.

How do I get to the top of the trails if I only have leg power

(no shuttle)?

Our gravity trails are one way, and that way is down, so there is absolutely NO riding up these. You can ride or push up the internal fire road, or if you’ve got an eBike you can use the eBike-specific climb trail. See more info HERE

Can I access the park when it’s not open?

Only Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club Members can access the park anytime during daylight hours (excluding event days). A Gravity Day is not considered an event day. If you’ve signed up to be a member (you smart cookie, you) please contact us for instructions for accessing the park outside of our open days. We want to make sure your first time is special.

If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?! Become a member

How do I join Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club?

We’re so glad you asked- Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club is a not-for-profit incorporation under AusCycling. For more information on the awesome perks of joining the Cartel and how to do so, visit our MEMBERSHIP page.

What if I’m already a member of another club with AusCycling? Can I still join the Cartel?

Not to worry, you can add more than one club to your membership and unlock all the great benefits of being part of the GreenValleys Mountain Bike Club.

jAdd your Greenvalleys Club membership to your AusCycling License

I just want to bring my bike and ride- can I do that?

You sure can IF you’re a GVs club member through AusCycling. Have a gander at our MEMBERSHIP page to learn more.

What bike is best for Greenvalleys?

GVs is the ultimate gravity MTB playground, so we recommend saving your hardtail for your city commute! Though hardtails are allowed on the green and blue trails, our freeride features are best enjoyed with a full suspension bike. Life is hard enough-why make it even harder on yourself?

Your bike needs to be well-maintained with disc brakes and knobby tyres. Make sure the ends of your handlebars are capped- our first aid personnel are not equipped to handle you being impaled by your bike.

Are there any special rules for Under 16 riders?

We love seeing young riders enthusiastic to hit the trails, as long as they follow the safety requirements:

  • A guardian must be on site at all times with an U16 rider (we’re not a daycare, and this is a dangerous sport, so please be there for your kid)

  • Full face helmets and knee pads are the absolute minimum safety gear required. We also encourage body armour, elbow pads, and a neck brace

What happens if it’s raining?

You’re not afraid of a little rain, are ya? Just kidding…we take safety seriously and closely monitor the weather forecast and how it might impact your experience at the park. If we deem the weather to be hazardous to the integrity of our trails, we notify riders through our social media channels and provide credits for future use.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We get it-life happens; plans change. Just make sure they don’t change at the last minute. As our spots are super limited to ensure riders at the park have optimal trail time, please read through the Ts & Cs incl. time frames, name changes, cancellations etc HERE


Am I allowed to camp in the park?

We get it- you want to spend as much time here as possible. Camping can be arranged through advance registration-please contact us for more information.

How can I talk to a Greenvalleys team member?

You were one of those kids in school who always had their hand up, weren’t you? If you’ve still got questions (or just want to know what we’re wearing) you can email us at Greenvalleys Operations and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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