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visitor's GUIDE TO GV

what you need to know

Who is bike park for?

Riders who love gravity and freeride. Those who froth on features and progression sessions. Ideally suited to confident riders who enjoy being powered by gravity over raw leg power (sorry, no XC tracks here!). We focus on catering all the way from intermediate to advanced riders. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding suitability.

Is there any safety gear required to ride?

The safety gear needs to be fit for purpose and in good condition to be used.

  • A full face MTB helmet (MX full face is made for high speed impact, which doesn't mitigate forces in ways a MTB crash would cause); mandatory for riders 16y & under, as well as anyone participating a jumps clinic. No "skate lids" or otherwise deemed unsuitable (for your safety) helmets allowed. Open face helmet permissible for non-race days and riders aged 17 & over, and not partaking in a jumps based skills clinic. Any helmet deemed unsuitable, is at the discretion of Greenvalleys staff.

  • Appropriate shoes for mountain biking - please avoid wearing sand shoes or sneakers & opt for MTB purpose flat shoes, as these will save many avoidable OTBs and shin scars. Absolutely no open toed or Croc style shoes allowed whilst riding. 

  • Knee guards are mandatory for riders aged 16y & under

  • Bikes accessing the trails will need 2 working disc brakes, front suspension at a minimum (dual sus is ideal), knobby tyres (no slicks or commuter tyres) & bar ends. Bike must also be in good and safe condition.

Anyone deemed to be riding in/on unsafe or inappropriate gear will be at the discretion of the Greenvalleys crew & riders will be kindly asked to adjust their choices & welcomed back on the trails once safe to do so. 


An all day (9am-4pm) bus shuttle service that takes you to the top of the trail head with your bike on a trailer. These sessions need to be pre-booked and paid for online prior to the day. Spots are limited. 

WHAT IS A leg saver session?

A shuttle service offered as a punch card system. These shuttles are punchy, very limited in numbers and you can choose to use all, or some of your runs on your punch card, and use the rest for another Leg Saver day. You can find more information HERE.

How do I book to ride?

Via the booking link - check out the WHAT'S ON PAGE to see what we have available. If you are unable to book, chances are the session has already sold out. 

What should I bring with me to ride at Greenvalleys?

Along with a positive attitude, your passion for the ride, and obviously, your bike, don’t forget to bring:

  • All the food and water you’ll need to fuel yourself through a day of epic fun. We don’t have any power or running water in the park, so come prepared

  • Spare parts (the nearest bike shop is in Dapto & Shellharbour)

  • If a rider is 16yrs or under, it is mandatory to have a guardian on site at all times whilst riding - we do not offer a cheap child minding service, in this high risk sport space. Any 16&U rider found not to have adequate supervision on site, will be unable to ride until a guardian arrives (and will then be given "the talk" - no one wants that, just look after your grommies please)

Can I hire a bike at Greenvalleys?

We don’t currently have any equipment for hire. You need a bike and safety equipment in good working order, so please make sure you’ve invested in those before visiting us at GVs.

What if I break a part on my bike while at Greenvalleys?

We don’t keep any spare parts at GVs, so if you’re worried about busting a particular part of your bike, bring any spares you may need with you. The closest bike shop Trek in Shellharbour or Wilson's Bike Hub in Warrawong.

Can I self-shuttle at Greenvalleys?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Refer to short answer. 

How do I get to the top of the trails if I only have leg power

(no shuttle)?

Our gravity trails are one way, and that way is down, so there is absolutely NO riding up any trail, or section of. You can ride or push up the internal fire road, which is starts at the bottom near the air bag and makes it's way up past the skills berms, then traversing off to the right for roughly a 20min+ ride/push up (on non-ebike). 

Can I access the park when it’s not open?

Only Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club Members can access the park anytime during daylight hours (excluding race days). If you have signed up to be a member; please contact us for instructions on how to access the park outside of our open days. We want to make sure your first time is special.

If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Become a member HERE.

How do I join Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club?

Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club is a not-for-profit sports club under the AusCycling banner. For more information on the awesome perks of joining the GV Cartel and how to do so, visit our MEMBERSHIP page.

What if I’m already a member of another club with AusCycling? Can I still join the Cartel?

Yes, riders can add multiple clubs as a "club add on" through AusCycling

What happens if it’s raining?

We take safety seriously and closely monitor the weather forecast and how it might impact your experience at the park. If we deem the weather to be hazardous to the integrity of our trails, we notify riders through our social media channels & prior bookings and provide credits for future use. You can also find more information on our cancellation policy HERE.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We get it-life happens; plans change. Just make sure they don’t change at the last minute. As our spots are super limited to ensure riders at the park have optimal trail time, please read through the Ts & Cs incl. time frames, name changes, cancellations etc HERE

camping in the park?

Camping can be arranged through advance registration-please contact us for more information.

How can I talk to a Greenvalleys team member?

If you’ve still got questions you can email us at Greenvalleys Operations and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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