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social gravity bus shuttle days

It’s all downhill from here…

Our social gravity days are the most popular way to access our trail network.

You needn’t compromise your dad bod by slogging up the hill after every run. Our convenient shuttle days mean you get as much time as possible to practice your downhill skills.

Our sealed access road to the trailhead and premium custom-built SPOTX TRAILERS ensure a smooth and quick ride up to the trailhead for both you and your bike every time.

Meet other members of our great community during your lifts up and save your energy for tackling the technical terrain on the way down.

Already a GV or AusCycling member? You can go straight pass go and register to ride here

Things to keep in mind for your social gravity day.

Things to keep in mind for your social gravity day: 

  • Remember to dress appropriately- full face for full send!

  • Full face helmets are mandatory for 16y & U, and jump clinics. They are also highly recommended when riding our black and double black trails. 

  • All riders aged of 16 or under must always have a guardian on site. Don’t make us bench your kid and phone you to come back while he or she could be enjoying the trails instead... just think good, yeah?

Social Gravity Days are the only days non-members can access the park.

Well, aside from official events, private shuttles, or pre-booked clinics.

However, if you’re clever enough to be a member of GreenValleys Mountain Bike Club (the GV Cartel), you can access the park anytime during daylight hours. Pretty convenient when you’re looking to chuck a sickie and do some riding.

Membership not only allows you entry for push-runs anytime during the day, but it also gets you other cool benefits that will knock your (appropriate height) socks off.

What are you waiting for? Find out about all the perks that come with membership.

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