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race ready clinic & hot lap session

BE race READY for the next event & know thy track



Get the edge on the competition by signing up to dissect and dominate the upcoming race track.

This is a track specific based clinic session and will purely focus on the best approach to get the most out of the trail for a faster race lap.

(General rider skills clinics can be found under our Park101 & Private Skills coaching sections)

What you will learn:

  • Line choice (Know your ABC's)

  • Cornering approach (If you can't turn right, turn left 3 times... or something)

  • Key trail features (and how to tackle them)

  • Timing and coordination (reduce your time behind bars)


This is for you, if you are:

  • Competing in the following week's race

  • Curious to know more about racing and how to dissect a trail to make the most of it

  • Wanting to sharpen your race sense to get the edge of the KOM you've been chasing

  • Keen to do the Hot Lap PM clinic session for further personalised and complete feedback on your run

*Race ready clinics go for 3hrs and require a Leg Saver punch card pass (expect to use around 3 runs in the AM Race Ready session). LIMITED TO 6 RIDERS.

race ready - am session (9am - 12pm)
$140 + Leg saver card

hot laps - pm session (12.30pm - 3.30pm*)
$110 + Leg saver card



Riders will polish off what they have learned in the Race Ready AM session with this Hot Lap add on.

This session will include 1-2 followed runs top to bottom, with the coach riding closely behind and giving personalised feedback in real time, over the whole course of the track. 

This will give the shredder complete feedback and overall understanding of sections or skills they will need to work on, leading up to the race. 

Riders who are booked in for this session are welcome and encouraged to join in the Hot Laps of the other riders, but will be following the coach and rider being observed. 


*Session will run for 2-3hrs, depending on number of riders and require a Leg Saver punch card pass.


**You will be able to add the Hot Laps as add on when booking the Race Ready clinic

***Riders who have not attended the AM session will need to contact us to express interest to join as spots will be prioritised for the Race Ready AM session riders. 

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