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It takes more than a bag of salty nuts to make sure you have a pleasant flight. This clinic will teach you the techniques you need for a smooth takeoff and safe landing every time. Unlike Goldilocks, who only had three choices, GreenValleys has more features of all shapes and sizes than you could ever front your bike up to. This clinic will get you the practice you need to lock in that muscle memory needed for jumping juuuuuuust right.


The clinic runs from 10am – 2pm and includes all day shuttles from 9am-4pm. 

Our awesome (and very patient) instructors will put you through your motions on:

  • Jump dynamics (techniques for a turbulence-free flight)

  • Drop techniques (get ALL the likes on your Instagram action shots)

  • Body positioning (how to control your bike, not let momentum control you)

  • Timing + coordination (it’s a bit more than “2 wheels off the ground, rubber side down”)

  • Airtime (forget the lights and camera- it’s all about the action!)

This is for you if: You’ve never had any professional coaching in jumping technique (nah mate, binging GMBN YouTube videos doesn’t count). It’s gonna take more than Tom, Dick, and Harry’s advice to “just send it!” to get your rubber off the ground the right way.

To join this clinic, you’re required to:

  • protect that pretty face with a full-face helmet (your mum can thank us later)

  • wear proper flat MTB shoes (save your sneakers and sand shoes for the beach)

  • have a dual suspension bike (hardtail = hard times at our park)

  • have completed a Park 101 or Private clinic on gravity trails (we know you’re eager to jump, but you must walk before you can run, young jedi); this is so the rest of the group who has already previous done the groundwork (pun intended), aren't being held up as you are needing to brought up to speed with correct braking, body position, trail awareness, cornering technique and all the other fun stuff. 

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