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block party 

technical regulations

Timed Stage Challenge

  • Riders have between 830am to 3pm, Saturday 18th November 2023 and 9am to 230pm Sunday 19th November 2023 to compete

  • Athlete categories are Junior (11-18 years), Open (19-29 years), Veteran (30-39 years), Master (40 years+) and Elites (19 years+)

  • Riders must set a time on all 7 stages to qualify for a result

  • A rider's best time from each stage will be combined to form the result

  • Riders can only use one frame and fork setup during competition

  • Each bike will have an official decal placed on the frame and fork leg prior to race runs.

  • Riders without the official decals will not be permitted on any race course during competition

  • All bikes must have front suspension and two working brakes

  • Wheelsets / tyres can be changed in the pit area

  • Repairs and maintenance can be performed by mechanics/riders in the designated pit area.

  • Suspension repair can only be performed in the pit area

  • Riders can perform basic repairs off the racing line outside of the race tape, but with no outside assistance

  • There is no limit to the amount of runs a rider can do within the allocated time slot; however a rider must post a minimum of one time on each course to qualify for a result

  •  Full face helmets and knee protection are mandatory for ALL competitors

  • Gloves, Knee protection and covered elbows are mandatory for riders under the age of 17

  • Passing is allowed and will be explained along with other specific race regulations at the rider briefing

  • Reruns or disputes can only be resolved by the Race Director and Chief Commissaire. Their decision is final

  • All riders must attend the rider briefing



airbag under lights

  • Riders have between 8pm to 9pm on Saturday 18th November, 2023 to compete

  • Athlete categories are all ages male/female

  • Only registered Block Party Athletes can compete

  • Riders will session the course in a jam format

  • Prize winners are determined by crowd based judging

athlete registration

  • Athlete registration will be on Saturday 18th November, 2023 between 7am and 10am

  • The registration booth will be in the event precinct at Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park

  • Athletes will be issued a race plate, event wristbands and timing chip to compete

  • All athletes will be required to have a race plate, timing chip and event wristband to compete

  • There are no "on the day" registrations

Timing chip process

  • A Mobii Systems active tag, active tag wrist holder and race plate will be allocated at registration

  • Lost or not returned Mobii Systems active tags will incur a $120 fee

  • Mobii Systems active tags and active wrist holder are to be returned at the completion of the event

camping entry process

  • Camping entry will be available from Friday 17th November, 2023 from 3pm

  • All campers will need to be departed by Monday 20th November 2023 at 11am

  • Campers will be met by event traffic control staff for directions

  • There are no "on the day" camping registrations

drop off zone

  • Athlete drop off will be available on Saturday 18th November, 2023 and Sunday 19th November 2023, between 630am and 10am

  • Drop off vehicles will be met by event traffic control staff who will direct vehicles in and out of the designated drop off zone

  • There are no "on the day" athlete/camping registrations


Timed Challenge

Podiums 1st - 5th

Custom Block Party medals

Equipment and swag


10 unique trophies for Male/Female

Airbag Under Lights

Best Trick

Best Steeze

Best Dressed


Points will be allocated across 7 stages for place getters. 

 Those with the highest accumulated points across the 7 stages in their respective categories, male and female, will win the GV Block Party 2023 King or Queen Trophy


Supported by the NSW Government Colour.png
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